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Dr Rowena Mobbs - Australian Sports Brain Bank SBS story

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Australian Doctor News

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Dr Mobbs was recently interviewed for Australian Doctor News on the impact of haemoglobin in dementia. See article here

Looking into chronic traumatic encephalopathy in sport and the Australian Sports Brain Bank

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The work at the Australian Sports Brain Bank into the potential effects of repeated concussion is underway. read more here

Memory Walk and Jog - Dementia Australia

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Congratulations to all who entered the Dementia Australia Sydney Memory Walk and Jog! Much awareness and money was raised for a great cause. Running or walking for someone you love is a great way to remind us all of the importance of more support and research into dementia, as well as being a fantastic opportunity to connect with others and enjoy a great day. Look out for other events in Capital cities around Australia.

Dementia Australia - Recently diagnosed with dementia talk

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Dementia Australia is running a Recently diagnosed with dementia course March 5

Click here

Dementia Australia - Living with Dementia presentation

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Thank you Robyn and the outstanding team at Dementia Australia for hosting me today to speak with carers of those living with dementia - with increasing numbers recognised each year in Australia, now over half a million. Many people are working at the time of diagnosis which can greatly impact not only the person but family, friends and colleagues. The road to diagnosis can be long and arduous, and we need to keep working together towards early investigation and management, with hope for a future cure.

Difficult Conversations - Dementia Australia program

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The Difficult Conversations webinar is an initiative of Dementia Australia. This online education and support session explores topics that people living with dementia, their care partners, family and friends can find hard to talk about. This session also considers factors that make a conversation difficult and provides strategies that enable these tough conversations to occur.

Sydney Cognitive Christmas Message 2019

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Dear Sydney Cognitive,


Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I wish to say a heartfelt thank you to all of you involved at Sydcog in 2018.


We have had a terrific year, establishing Sydney’s largest private cognitive neurology service and working together for the better care of patients. We have had excellent feedback not only from our patients but carers, families and colleagues also. Sydney Cognitive is now recognised amongst the general neurology community as a large, multidisciplinary group, and we are receiving further queries as to our specialised services, such as the new functional disorders clinic (FiND clinic) due to launch in February 2019. We have catered for general neurological patients, as well as newer services in neuropsychiatry and neurosurgery.

Dementia Awareness Month

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It's time to raise national awareness about dementia - what it is like to have it, what it is like to know someone with it, and what can be done about it. Find out more from Dementia Australia @Dementiaus


Thinking on palliative care

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20-26 May 2018 is national palliative care week run by Palliative Care Australia, running on a theme of "What matters most?" and highlighting this important topic, to encourage end-of-life care and discuss to it with their loved ones and health professionals. 

Cue in to concussion

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Australia has just launched it's first concussion brain bank - the Australian Sports Brain Bank led by the University of Sydney's Brain and Mind Centre, and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and in international partnership with the Concussion Legacy Foundation's (CLF) Global Brain Bank, with research at Boston University. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is neurodegenerative condition related to repeated head trauma and concussion, and the goal is greater understanding of the condition, with opportunity for current and future research using brain tissue.


There is an emphasis on understanding more about the condition during life as well as microscopic and molecular changes studies with the help of the brain bank. The brain bank is part of a wider push to have better awareness of concussion, and that "if in doubt, sit it out" with athletes requiring care and observation, a thorough assessment, and consideration of current concussion guidelines before being permitted to play again. It is no longer considered "good" or "tough" to put up with concussion and play on through symptoms. Instead be brave through your words and 'call it out' if you are an affected player, or show support for your fellow athletes if they are concust. 


Let's talk more about concussion and keep the momentum going for a better future.

World Parkinson's Day is coming

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World Parkinson's Day is coming up on April 4, reminding us to support over 70000 Australians living with Parkinson's disease. The focus is also on a world-wide effort in research, better control of symptoms, and hopefully a cure. We do not yet know what causes Parkinson's disease, but there are likely to be both genetic and environmental factors. Take a look at  for more information.

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A recent conference run by Capacity Australia highlighted the need for a continued focused on better quality of life for those with dementia. Decisions around end of life care and 'healthy dying' were addressed by a range of experts in psychiatry, palliative care, geriatrics and law. The conference was a reminder of the importance of placing dementia on the agenda in both Government and community discussion forums. 

Opening of Sydney Cognitive

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We recently saw the official opening of our new practice, overseen by our guest of honour, Dr Ronald Joffe AM, who has performed outstanding work as a neurologist with interest in cognitive disorders. He emphasised that Australia faces an increasing wave of dementia in the community, and that there is much to be done as far as research and finding better treatments in the condition. 


We thank all of the staff who have contributed to wonderfully to the establishment of this practice. We have a clear vision for the future, with best patient care at the centre of that vision. 

Christmas cheer is nearly here

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The holiday season is nearly upon us and whilst many of us enjoy a relaxing time with food and drink it is good to keep in mind the need for moderation. Not only is a balanced diet helpful for our general vascular health but it may contribute to our brain health also. There is some evidence towards the benefit of a mediterranean diet in memory function and dementia, though this is by no means the whole answer.


It is useful, too, to consider the effects of alcohol on the brain with someone with dementia or other cognitive disturbance, and to keep a watch on intake. New environments such as restaurants and holiday outings can trigger a worsening in those with more advanced dementia, so it may be helpful to consider location carefully, reorientate the person frequently, and maintain adequate hydration, especially during hotter weather.


With good care and planning, we hope for a wonderful and memorable time with family and friends across the festive season.

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We just had national carer's week, a wonderful reminder of the fantastic work that carers do in our community. We say thank you!

Dementia Awareness Month

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September is officially Dementia Awareness Month, an important time of heightened discussion, education and advocacy for dementia as run by Alzheimer's Australia. With numbers exceeding 400 000 for those Australians living with dementia (1) the ongoing support of the community through services such as these is crucial. Check out more on programs and services on offer via

1.The National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling NATSEM (2016)Economic Cost of Dementia in Australia 2016-2056

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