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Australian Sports Brain Bank

Australia has just launched it's first concussion brain bank - the Australian Sports Brain Bank led by the University of Sydney's Brain and Mind Centre and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and in international partnership with the Concussion Legacy Foundation's (CLF) Global Brain Bank, with research at Boston University. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is neurodegenerative condition related to repeated head trauma and concussion, and the goal is greater understanding of the condition, with opportunity for current and future research using brain tissue.

There is an emphasis on understanding more about the condition during life as well as microscopic and molecular changes studies with the help of the brain bank. The brain bank is part of a wider push to have better awareness of concussion, and that "if in doubt, sit it out" with athletes requiring care and observation, a thorough assessment, and consideration of current concussion guidelines before being permitted to play again. It is no longer considered "good" or "tough" to put up with concussion and play on through symptoms. Instead be brave through your words and 'call it out' if you are an affected player, or show support for your fellow athletes if they are concust.

Let's talk more about concussion and keep the momentum going for a better future.

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