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COVID19 and neurology patients

Coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19, is a global pandemic that places added health concern onto patients with neurological disorders. There remains uncertainty as to how events will play out for the coming months. We wish to provide certainty that we are able to consult via telehealth, continuing care for patients and support for loved ones.

Our services for neurology, geriatric medicine, and allied health will proceed as usual via telehealth whenever appropriate. We continue to see new patients individually within the clinic, should the need for examination be present. We ask that patients attending our clinic kindly on

ly bring one support person to their appointment to lower the infection risk for patients and staff alike.

We are particularly thinking of our older patients, and those with other health conditions, who are at a higher risk of COVID-19 infection. We emphasise the importance of maintaining best practice to prevent the spread of this devastating illness, as advised by our Government services.

We wish patients and their families all the very best during this troubling time, and will be here to provide neurology services as far as we are able.

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