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Fees, Terms and Conditions

  1. Harbour Neurology is not a bulk billing practice.

  2. Harbour Neurology is an associate practice where individual doctors and associates set their fee structure. Please speak to our receptionists regarding specific fees that must be paid before or after completing your consultation. Patients are typically required to pay an advance deposit for telehealth consultations.

  3. Fees and medicare rebates differ for complex and non-complex consultations and procedures.

  4. A cancellation fee of up to $150 applies for cancellations less than 48 hours prior to your appointment.

  5. Patients covered by insurance, CTP, Workers’ Compensation, iCare or who are represented by a lawyer are responsible for arranging reimbursement from their insurer or lawyer.

  6. Harbour Neurology utilises ClinicToCloud as practice management software. ClinicToCloud incorporates a Patient Portal that allows patients to maintain their personal information and access letters, reports, test results, and invoices. We encourage patients to use the Patient Portal wherever possible.

  7. Patients must authorise Harbour Neurology doctors to record their medical history, conditions, and management.

  8. Patients must authorise Harbour Neurology doctors to obtain relevant information from other medical practitioners, healthcare providers, and My Health Record.

  9. Patients must authorise Harbour Neurology doctors to share relevant information with other medical practitioners, healthcare providers and My Health Record.

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