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Mysterious migraine

Having a headache can make it hard enough during a busy day let alone any added symptoms of migraine. Migraine is extremely common and can vary widely between individuals, often with a one-sided or spreading type headache, sound or light intolerance, visual sparkles, spots or dots, nausea and sometimes vomiting. Speech, sensation or movement can be affected and people may be concerned that they are experiencing a stroke or other emergency. Migraine can in fact alter the risk of stroke and it is important to seek medical attention if there is any concern.

Interestingly, mental clouding or 'fogginess' is common and can affect a person's concentration, memory or language.

Migraine can first occur at any age. We do not yet understand what causes migraine but it is important to know that help is available as our treatments have changed greatly over the past few decades. Medication can be effective but this is often not the whole answer, and your doctor can help identify any lifestyle, dietary or other changes that may be needed. In severe cases botox therapy may be useful, which targets certain areas of the head and neck. In many cases the right treatment can be found, and headache can be resolved entirely, making that work day seem just that bit easier.

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